This toolkit provides answers and action steps for the 8 growing pains and questions freelancers have asked me about 100s of times.

If any of the 8 challenges below in bold has you tied up in knots right now, you’re not alone.

Every freelancer and consultant has to go through these growing pains.

This toolkit will save you the hours you might have spent trying to ease 8 freelance growing pains.

  1. Website – What bones do you need to have to attract and educate clients?
  2. Portfolio – What should you put in your portfolio and what if you’re just starting?
  3. Focus + Prioritization – How do you get the right tasks done at the right time?
  4. Consistent Income – What does consistent prospecting look like, week in, week out?
  5. Landing Clients – How do you actually land clients (preferably the non-crazy ones)?
  6. Doubts – What if you feel insecure? What if you second-guess yourself a lot?
  7. Specialization – Should you niche down and what makes a good niche?
  8. Productization – How do you turn your generic services into attractive “products”?

Just opened a few of the documents, and it's clear the value in the toolkit far outweighs the price. I'd have paid $49 for many of the individual assets in the toolkit.
- Kurt Bullock, Produce Dept
When I got home and saw the FCT offer for an incredibly reasonable $49, I had to jump on it. Because a) you deserve at least that much for all the free advice you've shared with me over the years, and b) I had already been thinking about how helpfully specific your resources tend to be.
- Jessica Kerrigan, Reson8 Marketing

Your time is valuable. How much is 10 hours worth? Freelance Cake Toolkit is $49.

Do the math. 😄

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