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It’s never apples to apples 🍎

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Good news, friend. It’s Friday.

My wife and I are going to see Hamilton live for the first time tonight. She snagged a stupid-good deal on tickets through a friend of a friend, and I. am. stoked.

The film nourished my soul, and because I so often put on my entrepreneur hat these days, I need those jolts to the system of good art.

Lin-Manuel Miranda began working on Hamilton in 2009, but it didn’t premiere on Broadway until 6 years later.

If I ever meet him, I’ll ask, “Did you ever almost quit?”

Finishing a masterpiece like that takes tenacity, and that tenacity takes an armor of faith. Do you believe this thing you’re working on is worth the time and effort and sacrifice?

Take out your head trash daily, or you’ll find yourself sinking into discouragement: “No, it’s not.”

So much of freelance comes down to what we believe about ourselves and the value we created. Our clients often need mindset shifts too.

The best clients will believe you’re an investment, not an expense.

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